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Area: 4 Address: Next to Arjang Pharmacy, 2nd Tehran Pars Sq. Telephone number: 7864633 Site:-


Area: 7 Address: 17th Shahrivar St., Shohada Sq. Telephone number: 7534490 Site:-

Elahieh med lab

Area: 1 Address: Sahriati Avenue sadr BLD Telephone number: 2241718 Site:


Area: 7 Address: Next to Safi Ali Shah St., Enghelab Ave. Telephone number: 7527689 Site:-


Area: 4 Address: No.768, South Majidieh St., Resalat Highway. Telephone number: 2501497 Site:-

Tehran Pars

Area: 8 Address: Damavand St., Tehran noo. Telephone number: 7432956 Site:-


Area: 5 Address: Payambaran Hospital, Abazar Blv., Kashani Blv., 2nd Sadeghiyeh Sq. Telephone number: 4079142 Site:-


Area: 6 Address: No.9, 18th St., Asad Abadi Ave. Telephone number: 8718524 Site:-


Area: 13 Address: No.84, South Araz St., Khavaran St., Khorasan Sq. Telephone number: 3704259 Site:-

Dr Riazi

Area: 5 Address: No.1, Pezeshkan Bld., Kashani Blv., 2nd sadeghieh Sq. Telephone number: 4077610